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I write a lot about neurodivergence. Not just from my own personal experience as a Black, queer, femme who was diagnosed later in their life, but as a teacher and parent too. I bring in a lens of deep contemplation to these conversations. I consider how the stories of the most marginalised are often excluded from the mainstream narrative. In my mind that’s who we learn the most from about living well and developing a mind-body connection that’s vital to becoming whole and our best selves again

In this Substack you’ll learn why the mind-body connection is imperative when talking about neurodivergence AND how to integrate practices into your daily life. You’ll read stories and hear my podcast about what I’ve learned about myself and from others that will help you better understand yourself too. We all deserve to find our ways to live joyfully, safely and wholeheartedly. I hope I can support you on that quest here.

The truth is, social media can be a lot for me and I don’t always have the spoons to post as often as I need to in order for you to see my work and quite frankly, I don’t want to do that. On my Substack however, anything I create goes right to your inbox (or the app), waiting for when you want to get cozy, grab a tea, dive in and really savour what you’re exploring.

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