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I build the capacity to be with myself when I’m in nature, but this too, I realised, was a practice in cultivating bravery -omgg

Also can I just say how much the photography is ducking everything? Emotive and real as duck on top of being beautiful AF - I loveeeeee this how embedded in this story they feel - ?! Like a new angle to the whole thing so enriching?!!!

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Thank you love! You know me so well! Yes, the photos are definitely a new angle for me. I'm learning a lot as I go. I'm so glad you liked them!

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Oof! Chills: "Could they support learners in understanding that what they sensed in their bodies spoke to a need rather than teaching them, (particularly those from historically marginalized backgrounds), that they’re wrong for feeling unsafe in the first place?"

Yes! What if we learned the anxiety, the need to express and release or even take care of our bodily needs is normal and not something deficient about ourselves that others have seemingly conquered?

Learning that safety lives in me was hard won through much adversity. I grateful for the work you're doing in paving the way so it is not so perilous for others.

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