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Goodness does this resonate in my soul. One of my biggest struggles regarding this topic is discerning whether I'm avoiding because I know my limits or because of a sense of complacency & comfortability; of course, this is also accompanied by wondering if there's room to expand my limits & what that might resemble.

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Oof. Nods. I've been toying with the idea the last few years or so that avoidance, for me, is a sign I'm overwhelmed or that I don't actually want to do the thing or am not on the best path for me. And for better or worse, probably for the worse, have moved toward the direction of doing as little as possible which then, I hope, brings forward the things I do want to do. There are obviously some things that I never really want to do, like the dishes and clean the toilet and pay the bills, but for the bigger stuff, like how I spend my time, there's been a vast improvement.

I have some leeway: I'm single and no kids, but am living like a pauper in my parents' basement, which can be severely problematic emotionally as much as it removes the responsibility of rent. Mixed bag. I know it sounds very privileged, and I'm grateful I have some resources, but I burned out into deep depressions so many times in whatever typical path I took, that I had to find a different one. I'm just hoping that it all leads to some kind of livable income before too long.

I hope you're finding whatever you need.

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absolutely dead with laughter at that "my therapist says avoidance is not the answer.” Time to stop going to therapy. "

avoiding sitting with the questions. //// thoughts //// incredibly helpful wonderings that you've actually posed with this writing of what comes from somewhere so deep within you / resonates so deep within me i dunno where to begin sitting with it SO FOR NOW, I WON'T teehee (cry cry but also lolol) just to be on brand! xoxoxooxoxooxoxoxox ty for making this upsetting thing 1) a thing out loud 2) funny cos i literallly clicked on post DESPITE title cos of meme heheheehehe omg

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I recently referred to my adhd management as my Avoidance addiction recovery. Great post.

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