superpowered. powered out.

Neurodivergent people live with dysregulated nervous systems so often that we’ve learned to see hyperfocus as being in flow & I can’t stop thinking about how wild it is that so many people say this trauma response is a specific ND strength. I’d kinda like to be able to stop and still feel good about myself, rather than work with unending anxiety, terrified that not finishing will prove I must genuinely be incapable of getting anything done on time & therefore make me completely worthless, ya know?

[ID: The boss from that movie Office Space is a white guy with glasses, a red polka-dot tie, a blue shirt and red suspenders, standing with his coffee cup, hand on his hip, with white graphics in capital letters that say, “ Can we stop making everything urgent, that’d be great.” Hyperfocus comes with a sense of urgency too. Flow does not. End ID]