Sep 14, 2022Liked by Sandra Coral

I might come back to this tomorrow with more thoughts on words or reflections on self-compassion. But right now I just want to thank you for this reminder because I needed this right now. I just failed a deadline for two uni projects, for the second time in a row and spend the past few hours trying to minimize the damage. Or more like my family made me try to minimize the damage because all I wanted to do was admit defeat and call it a day. Yes, there were tech issues but also, I did not finish my project in time and I should've known computer programs and printers tend to break last minute and I failed to plan ahead for that so it really was my fault, wasn't it? I really felt it was safer to keep quiet than to admit to a professor I couldn't do it on my own and ask for more time, again. It's 11 pm now and I'm extremely exhausted so my thoughts are incoherent, but your text really helped but things into perspective again and I'll try not telling myself I'm used to be told or tell myself in these moments. Instead I'll try to give myself more grace in this difficult moment and come back to this tomorrow with hopefully more coherent thoughts.

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